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Tori-Bayashi is played in the way where Dashi (festival car) passes for the first time. Tori-Bayashi is used a tune in slow tempo, it give an elegant impression that goes through Dashi. Children play by using only two Ko-daikos (small drums).

* Matsuno-Midori 7.2sec(wav/57.7kb)

@ *Modori-Bayashi

Modori-Bayashi is played in the way where Dashi passes to the 2nd degree. Modori-Bayashi is used a tune in quick tempo, chirdren play by using a Oo-daiko (large drum) and two Ko-daikos.

* Kishino-Yanagi 7.5sec(wav/60kb)


Machi-Bayashi is played on the occasion of when Dashi is stopping and a rest.

* Bakabayashi 13sec(wav/100.7kb)


Neri-Bayashi is played When Dashi becomes be near the town of oneself. A tune in very quick tempo is used to raise a mood. Children hit and even the one becomes complicated, detailed.

* Hiccyome 7.3sec(wav/58kb)

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