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About "Ohayashi"

Playing "Ohayashi c"(wav/57.7kb)

"Ohayashi" is Japanese traditional playing which roused the movement of the festival car. We can see and hear a lot of "Ohayashi" in all parts of Japan, in case of Mikuni, some amateurs are assembled at the quarter (is on duty the year) requested. They are called "Hayashi-kata" accompanied playing japanese drums (by the quarter's children) with "Yoko-Bue" & "Syami-sen" (japanese guitar).
In complaiance with one quarter, "Eitai-Bayashi" (permanent-bayashi) is played by the quarter's inhabitant at every duty.


Playing "Ohayashi d" (wav/58kb)
This kind of "Ohayashi" is the following playings.
*."Tori-Bayashi" is played if festival cars first go to the street.
*."Modori-Bayashi" is played festival cars go after second street.
*."Machi-Bayashi" is played when festival cars are waiting for start.
*."Neri-Bayashi" is played when festival cars are near themselves quarters.


Recently, our young fellows who are Mikuni junior high school students of "Kyodo-Geinobu" (traditional public entertaiment club of Mikuni) as "Yoko-Bue" players have joined in this evevt.
Please cheer them if you see some girls who are playing "Yoko-Bue" in this festival.

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