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Taikommunication (C)1999. Yansa no kaicyo
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How to make
"A Taiko For practice"

Thank you Sakuya.

January 8, 1999 contributor Who am I Sakuya

 I used cartons of milk which were as stock for making a chair, and I called the chair "a Taiko for practice".
The following text how to make a Taiko of cartons.

Stuff: 24 cartons of milk (500ml or 1l)& cloth of tapes
pac1.gif Notice: Please prepare same size of cartons of milk

1. Cut one side lengthway and bottom of each carton lengthways as a picture.

2. Also cut 3 pouring parts of them.

3. Join them and become one triangle.

4. budget 3 triangles such as 3peaces.gif, and make 8 parts.

pac2.gif 5. Join 2 parts and become hexagon.

6. Arrangement look like this picture.

About 0.27meter in width of the Taiko.

If you use the paper which is "the grain of wood for wall " to make it, it will seem to be "Taiko" much more. Try to make a Taiko in your way.

3.3kaku.jpg 4.33kaku.jpg 6.83kaku.jpg

(The illustration, photograph By Kuni)
* Give impression etc. to board of everybody . I am waiting.

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