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14, Oct. 1998 Mail me contributor Kazu

[My setback]
[As falling love with Taiko...No.5]
When I had joined the Taiko's club for three months, I was still training a basis of a player. Our club decided to appear in the festival for our city in those days, they were absorbed in their practice. But each of participation groups was given half of an hour for playing, hurriedly, beginners, one of them as I became to join in the festival. So the item was ready to play for us.

Taiko Man The melody was very fun and light. However the practice  made me nervous. There was practice of a Taiko (made no noise) which is made from a old tire in my house, I played it every day. And finally I was a little proud of my playing. On the contrary when I joined in the combine practice (with another two groups) on Oct.10 and 11, my playing didn't give me a feeling of satisfaction. I was embarrass because I met most members of another groups for the first time. My attitude was losing my concentration while I was playing. I had already played the item many times for some days, but I thought I met with a setback.

There are two boys (three and five years old) in our club. They are playing nobly and enjoyable. I am ashamed of their playing and I can't pay my attention to my playing's form. I think it is very difficult for me to play it now, I go through unspeakable my setback again.
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