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Taiko Dashi Flute Sounds

It is possible to make it also for you.

Yoko-Bue of vinyl chloride pipe.

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0Size table


Size table (rough size)
Six normal keys
Seven holes

Hole diameter:Finger hole 8mm
Song entrance 10mm


Size table (rough size)
Sevennormal keys
Six holes

Hole diameter:Finger hole 8mm
Song entrance 10mm

1Vinyl chloride tube
塩ビパイプPhotograph of Vinyl chloride tube
I think that the inside diameter is about 12mm.
塩ビパイプと見本の笛It cut it according to the Shinobue of the sample.

The cutting plane finished it up with paper.

3The pipe is fixed.
二本をセロテープで固定Two was fixed with the cellophane adhesive tape.
4The line was drawn.
線引きIt is Senhi coming . of straight as for the finger hole and the song entrance (place in which it blows).


5Shinobue and fixation
パイプと笛を固定The vinyl chloride pipe and the Shinobue were this time fixed with the cellophane adhesive tape.
6Positioning of finger hole
穴の位置決めT-square is appropriated to the center of the hole
of the displayed whistle and the sign at the hole position is applied to the vinyl chloride tube.
7Preparation for hole opening
穴中心位置の印をつけてIt holing open prepares it applying the sign at a hole center position.
8It is a drill and a hole opening.
ドリルで穴を開けThe place where the sign had been done was punctured in an electric drill. The diameter is a finger hole 8mm, and 10mm at the song entrance.

9Plastic operation on hole
バリを取り除きBali at finger hole & song entrance opened by the drill with a cutter is removed.

After that, paper is rounded and rubbed. The hole is smooth.

10Styrene foam
発泡スチロールWell, do this time?

It is so. Styrene foam.

It undergoes plastic operation to a rough form of a cylinder in the cutter. The corner squarely :. It is larger than the inside diameter of the vinyl chloride pipe. To the size that is shortened and installed on the pipe tightly.

11It packs it with the cleaning.
発泡スチロールをねじ込んでFirst of all, it is a housecleaning in the tube. The tissue is pushed with the stick of the tree and it passes it many times.

And, it is a turn of the styrene foam.

The styrene foam screws in in the head of the tube, and it pushes it forcibly with the stick of the tree afterwards.

It will be completion next time.

12It packs it into the vicinity of the song entrance.
かんせいThe styrene foam was forcibly pushed into the vicinity of the song entrance with the stick of the tree. From the edge of the song entrance to the place like 1mm or 2mm.

It actually looks for the most much improving blowing.

The cloth contains thinner, kerosene, and gasoline, etc. and the line applied with
the felt-tipped marker first is wiped.

It is this and of one respondent. Please give the decoration as you like it now.

Yoko-Bue of vinyl chloride pipe
I tried winding a string in the mean.
Photo It was hard to understand a little. Right is the mouthpiece side.

Finger whistle mockEnviro finger whistle mock

I made something like this in the PVC pipe which remained.

Issue the sound by closing and opening both ends with your fingers.

I think that it can use to practice sound out of this whistle.

Length is also the size of the holes in the opening song it is also suitable.

I made reference to the finger whistle of sale El OKINAWA's.


Taiko Dashi Flute Sounds


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