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Taiko Dashi Flute Sounds Japanese
Kagadaiko Ichikawajyuku
The copy of the photograph and movieis prohibited.

Kaga Daiko has a very strong personality.
Let's beat and enjoy Taiko!
Shall we try to it?

The group's leader Ichikawa Kazutaka

Voices of the members

The rhythms and styles, actions all have great appeal to me.

It's difficult for me to play with Yoko-bue (Japanese flute).
Songs of Yoko-bue are cool! Anyway, my best performance is to play it by myself!
I play it with my children. I enjoy chating during recess.
Well...!? I'll do my best!


(At Atakano-seki Komatsu city Ishikawa Pre.)

<<Kaga Daiko>>

<The history>

The origin of Kaga Daiko started from an event of a farm village about 400hundred years ago, which has been handed down for long generation.

<The styles of the performances>

Kaga Daiko has two styles, which are Mitsu-uchi (three beats) and Futatsu-uchi (two beats).
We beat and play Taiko with Yoko-bue as we like, that is, we're free to play with the basic rhythms followed. Arranging them enable us to have each personality.
Recently not only a personal performance, but also a group performance is being held.

<Kinds of musical instruments>

Naga-do (a Taiko with long body) and Oke-do (a Taiko made wood tub), Yoko-bue, small and big drumsticks.

(In front of Togashi,Yoshitsune,Benke picture. Atakano-seki)

Taiko Dashi Flute Sounds Japanese

The copy of the photograph and movieis prohibited.

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