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1997 "Ohayashi" practice scenery

Rest scenery. It is big with an image click on the left side a display

It's usual that begin to go into "Ohayashi" training, for which is held "Mikuni-festival" in May 20, from Feb. or March at that year. Elementary school fifth grader,sixth grader, make efforts this year, in the ward of the person on duty where we take charge of. They learn for "Ohayashi": Tori-Bayashi, Modori-Bayashi, Machi-Bayashi, Neri-Bayashi for two months.


Practice scenery No. 1.

A practice is been an awkward shape, because there is not period for the first time yet.


Practice scenery No. 2.

This shape is the same as both of "Tori-Bayashi", "Modori-Bayashi".


Practice scenery No. 3.

I understand that it is "Modori-Bayashi" because this hits a large drum.


Practice scenery No. 4.

It is a practice so that the height of the hand that raised it two is even.

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